Saturday, September 12, 2009

Our 36 week appointment

So, we went to our 36 week appointment on Thursday.  The doctor had scheduled an Ultrasound just prior to the appointment to estimate the size of Luke--I'm measuring about average, but she was concerned because of my petite stature.  He has really felt to me like he has grown quite a bit over the past couple of weeks.  In my pregnancy week-by-week book and what to expect book, it states the average baby weighs about 5.25-5.5 pounds at this stage.  So, we figured he probably was around 5.5 pounds.   Drew and I were very shocked when she said he was measuring 6 lbs, 10 ounces.  We have a good size little boy.  Although he is still four weeks away from his due date, I'm now thinking he may be ready to come in just a couple of weeks.  His head is very far down, in position and he did not look too happy or comfortable in there.  We have been talking to him more lately, trying to convince him to stay in there for a while.  We'll see!  We still have a to do list to complete, so we are trying to move on that list a little faster now!  We do have his room ready though (see above and below).

Here is one more pic of his room:

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