Sunday, November 15, 2009

Luke has a New Cousin...and...Luke's 6 weeks old update

The past two weeks have been very busy.  Luke's newest cousin was born on November 5, 2009--just one month and a day after him.  My brother, Jeremy, and his wife, Brandy, are new parents to Traber Jackson.  He's a cutie, weighing in at 6 lbs, 12 ounces and was 20.5 inches long.  It will be so fun for Luke to have a cousin so close in age to him.  We get to meet Mr. Traber in just a week and Luke will get to meet all of his other Oklahoma cousins/aunts/uncles then as well.  We are very excited to see everyone!!

Welcome, Traber Jackson...we can't wait to meet you!

Here are two more of Luke's cousins, Brody and Lilly, looking at Traber as he first arrived to the nursery.

Luke has grown quite a bit and is now about 9 lbs.  We're not sure how long he is, but he seems to be growing longer every day--I'm guessing he's at least 22 inches long.  Some recent milestones include his first "coo" sounds and even a smile (while awake).  He smiles a lot in his sleep, and I have seen gas smiles, but we saw our first genuine happy smile yesterday.  He loves his musical gym--we have it placed in front of our TV though and he may like the TV even more.  When we lay him under the gym, he loves watching all of the changing pictures and colors on the television.  He bats his arms at the objects on the musical gym above him, and can turn on the music by hitting at the animals.  Here are some recent pictures of him (I had to include one from Halloween that we didn't post in the last post, because it is just too cute--he's in his car seat, dressed as a monkey, and his car seat happens to have monkey strap covers.)

He enjoys just chillin'.


Luke's Mimi and Papa came to visit us this weekend and he enjoyed spending some cuddle time and play time with them.  Here are some pics with his Mimi and Papa:

They bought him this super cute outfit, along with a few others--we just had to put on these overalls and take a picture.

We took Luke to church for the first time today.  His doctor didn't want him to go until he was 6 weeks old, because of all of the illnesses going around.  Due to his size, he said it would be harder for him to fight something if he caught it.  Plus, our church has about 1000 people in a gymnasium at each service, so it was probably a good idea to avoid the large crowd during the first few weeks.  Here, Drew's parents took a picture of us outside of our house after church.

It was a great weekend with Mimi and Papa--we're looking forward to spending time with them again soon.

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