Thursday, January 21, 2010

Recent Milestones & Our first video uploads

So, Luke has been growing so quickly that it is too hard for us to keep up!! We have taken some video recently that we thought we'd share with the world.

Some of his more recent milestones include the following:
  • He slobbers a lot!
  • He grabs anything in front of him and sticks it in his mouth.
  • He sings to us with his sweet baby sounds.
  • He smiles nearly every waking minute!  And, it melts our hearts!
  • He loves to sit up.  If you are the least bit reclined, he pulls himself up to a sitting up position.
  • He loves his jumperoo (as you can see from the videos below)
  • He sleeps through the night!!!!!  This is one that we are very excited about!  He sleeps from about 9pm to 6am!
Here is Luke at 15 weeks in his jumperoo:

Here is Luke watching the Bachelor.  He loves to talk to the women on the show, but is particularly fond of the brunettes:

Luke smiles at Daddy whistling (noticed Drew got in a little bit of the Purdue Boilermaker fight song at the end):

Here are some other cute recent pictures:

He loves to read books!

We had to take a new naked pic!

Luke even smiles with his eyes!

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