Saturday, April 10, 2010


Mimi and Papa came up this weekend for a visit.  I have never taken pictures in the bluebonnets, but I have always wanted to and it is a very popular thing to do in Austin.  They are so beautiful, and we found they smelled as wonderful as they looked.  So, we decided to all take some pictures in a field that was plentiful with these beautiful wildflowers.

We have never really sat Luke on the ground outdoors to play.  Since he can sit up on his own, I am sure we will be doing this a lot more.  It was so cute to seem him explore the flowers and grass.  Here are some of our pictures:

Want to see more pics? Click here.


  1. I love all the new pictures you posted. I really liked the bluebonnet pictures. I'm hoping those will still be in bloom when we come to visit! Luke is such a cutie!

  2. Those are so cute!! What a great place to go and get some really cool pics! I wish we had bluebonnets here!! :)