Friday, April 23, 2010

Play Time With Daddy

Drew took some pictures of Luke playing with a toy that his mimi and papa got him for Christmas--"Go Baby Go."  Luke is at a REALLY fun age right now.  Our entertainment lately has become watching him play or discover new toys or objects for the first time.

I think he must have been pretty proud that he could pick up this ball and hold it above his head--perhaps a foreshadow of his upcoming basketball days, when he palms the ball and dunks it!

You can get it, Luke!  Use the force...

 I love this picture.  It shows how well he sits up. I wonder what he is thinking. 

We are glad that he can reach for his toys now from a sitting position and not fall on his face.  When he first started sitting up on his own 1-1.5 months ago or so, we had a couple of tearful moments after the reach and grab--face plant!

Other updates:  as of a couple of weeks ago, Luke is 17 lbs. Actually, the other night he weighed 17 lbs 4 ounces.  He was stuck at 16.5 lbs for a little over a month, so we were wondering when he was going to go over the 17 lb mark. 

I think the extra half-pound went to his chest--we might need to buy him a bro/manssiere!

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