Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Is that Drew or Justin Bieber?

So, I just discovered Justin Bieber the other day.  I recorded an episode of Oprah when she hosted him as one of her guests.  I can't believe the reactions he gets by girls--crying, screaming--I just don't get how a kid who sings some songs can get that type of reaction out of girls.  I know--some of your are thinking, "Heather, you grew up in the New Kids on the Block Era--didn't you act similarly when you were that age?"  No, actually, I never understood that then either.

However, I must say, he was pretty charming; and, I will admit that he is talented.  But, I think what drew me in a little bit was how similarly he reminded me of Drew.  I have seen some videos of Drew from when he was around the same age as Justin Bieber; I have seen pictures of Drew from that age range as well.  Justin is so polite, has a high-pitch voice, and, as I said before, is very charming--he truly reminded me of Drew from that age

For those of you who missed the episode of Oprah I am referring to, or if you have no idea who I am talking about, here is the video:  Justin Bieber Oprah Video

When I first told Drew this the other day, his response was, "Who is Justin Bieber?"  Then he asked, "Why do you say he looks like me--does he look nerdy?"  So, I showed him the Oprah youtube video of his performance and video.  He amazingly enough also saw a resemblance.  Then, he showed me his dancing skills and I changed my mind (j/k).  :-)

Here's a side by side of Drew and Justin.  Does anyone else agree?


  1. I can totally see the Drew-Bieber similarities, but I haven't seen him dance yet. Maybe you will have to show us this weekend Drew!! Ha ha ha

  2. SO true Heather! How funny! They could literally be brothers...which a little bit of an age difference of course. : )