Sunday, May 9, 2010

Luke is 7 months old!!

Our little boy is growing up so quickly!  We just cannot believe he is already seven months old.  Here's what he has been up to lately:

  • He's mobile.   We will turn our heads for just a few seconds and then look back at him to find he has managed to roll himself across the room.  It is so funny to watch him devise a plan to try to go to get one of his toys.   He's got several moves:  the sit to belly to roll left, the sit to twist into the right direction and then roll, the roll right, and the sit to belly to back and spin to the right direction and then roll.   He is also trying to pull his knees up under him so that he can crawl, but at this point he has only managed to scoot.  
  • He's weighing around 18 lbs and is about 27 inches long.
  • He definitely has a little personality.   He is such a sweety--loves to cuddle and give us looks of endearment.  He is also hilarious--he does the funniest things to crack us up.  For example, he has been making the funniest sound with his tongue and lips and neither Drew nor I can replicate it.  He thinks it is so funny that we cannot copy him.  We try--but he just laughs and gives us this little look of pride that he can do something we can't.
  • He has been doing something else that is pretty funny also.  He goes through periods of time where he will hold his hand up and stare at it, while moving his thumb across the first two index fingers.   We finally realized that our little boy is trying to snap.   Poor little guy--he has no idea that he probably won't be able to do this for a long time.  But, I guess he could surprise us.  If he manages to do it, don't worry, we'll definitely take video of it and post it on here.
  • He has added some new sounds to his vocabulary.   It sounds like he is pretending to have a conversation with someone, as the blabbers are linked in what sounds like sentences in another language.  It's pretty cute.
  • When he plays, he likes to make loud noises.  He picks the loudest toys and shakes them as hard as he can or throws them to see us react.
  • The other day he was really cracking me up.   Of course, he loves to try to imitate us.  He was sitting in the bumbo in front of the long mirror. I was standing behind him and decided to do some jumping jacks.   He thought it was so funny and began laughing.   Then, he started flapping his arms and legs while sitting in the bumbo.  He was doing jumping jacks.  What a cutie!  I love him so much and treasure each moment I get to spend with him. 

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