Monday, May 17, 2010

Our Weekend---a car show and Luke's first pool experience

This weekend, we decided to go to a car show.  It is always a lot of fun to see what new models are out there--even with no plans to change vehicles for quite a while.  And, of course, we will NEVER be purchasing the models that we liked the best.  Here is the one that I liked.   I think I look pretty good in it.

Then again, who wouldn't look good in a $150,000 loaded Porsche Panorama (turbo)--it's Porsche's first 4-door sedan.  I do not like two-door cars, because they aren't very practical.  But hey, a 4-door $150,000 sedan--now that's practical.  

And this is what I named the ugliest car of the show:

Here is Drew and Luke's pick:

(I believe it was a Maserati GranTurismo Convertible.  This one was a lot more reasonable than my pick--only around $130,000.) 

After the show, we hopped into our paid-off car that we plan on keeping for as long as possible and picked up a baby swimming pool that Toys R Us had on sale.  It was only $5--what a steal!  Luke put on his first pair of swimming diapers and we filled up the pool in the backyard.  We got the water temperature just right and were excited to put him in his little swimming outfit. 
We expected that he would LOVE the pool, if his bath-time fun was any indicator.  Here is Luke right after we put him in the pool.

He wasn't too happy.  I'm pretty sure he was thinking, "why am I taking a bath with my clothes and diaper on in my backyard?"  We put some of his bath toys in there with him hoping it would be more familiar to him.  Here he is playing with one of his bath toys, still not sure what to think.

It took a little while, but he finally warmed up to it.


  1. Wow it looks like you all had a lot of fun at the car show and trying out your new swimming pool!! It is amazing to me that it is warm enough there to go swimming!! I had to pull out some long slave shirts the other day because it was so cool here.....yuck! The pictures of him in the pool are so cute!! I am glad that he started liking it! He looks so cute in his swimsuit!! Can't wait to come down and see him in person!!

  2. Heather, I liked your car pick too! Four doors are way more practical. Luke looked like he was having fun in the convertible. I would be afraid to put Linnea in a car like that. She would probably spit up everywhere! Maybe when we come to your house, we can put all the cousins in your pool. I bet they would take up the whole pool! Looke forward to seeing you all soon!

  3. Little Luke is such a cutie! He looks so smart, too! I bet you guys are having a great time with your little bundle. I wish you all the best.