Sunday, June 6, 2010

Luke's First Time in the Big Pool

Luke is getting so big!  He turned 8 months old on this past Friday--we can't believe it.  On Memorial Day, we decided to take him to the big boy pool in our neighborhood.  So, Daddy blew up his frog float toy, we gathered all of our pool things together, and headed to the pool.

I guess Memorial Day was a very popular day to do this.   The pool was pretty busy, but it wasn't so busy that it discouraged us from jumping in.  I let Drew and Luke have the first try, while I sat back and snapped some photos of the first time Luke swam in the big pool.

Luke truly enjoyed his first time in the pool.  He eventually began splashing and then kicking his legs around to try to make his frog move.  It was pretty cute.

Then, they blew the whistle for adult swim, so we had to get out of the pool.  But, although Luke LOVED being in the pool, I think he enjoyed people watching even more.  He just loves watching people.  I am pretty sure he is an extrovert.  Here are a couple of picture of Luke drying off and "people watching."

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