Sunday, June 6, 2010

Our New Patio

Our house is on a corner lot, and is ideally set in reference to the sun---except that the back of the house gets the nice, hot, West sun.  Because we would love to spend a lot of time in the future in our backyard, we decided to add a patio cover to our house.  Our house already had a pretty nice paved patio, but was missing the cover to protect us from the hot summers and the fall rain.

Here is a picture of our house before the patio cover.

We decided that we wanted the cover to look like it was built originally with the house.  Therefore, we decided we didn't want a "shed-style" cover.   Here is a picture of the cover in the process of being built.

And here are some pictures of the finished result.  Doesn't it seem like any time you do a home remodel project, the simple project leads to other purchases?    Because we wanted to enjoy the cover and use it frequently, along with the patio cover purchase came the purchase of new patio furniture and a new grill.  But, I must say, we have already gotten a lot of use out of both additional purchases.

As you walk out our back door:

Of course, there is still some cleanup that needs to occur around the patio, but you get the picture.

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  1. looks great! That will be so nice for you guys to enjoy, especially with the fans to help keep things cool.