Saturday, September 11, 2010

Flooding near our home

Last week, we got news that we were going to be getting some rain. We were extremely excited, because we really needed it. And kept raining......and raining......and raining...and raining.

I guess all of the rain that we were missing from August decided to come over a two-day period in September. I didn't really even have a clue how bad it was, because Drew and I have been SO busy and have not seen any TV shows or news. That is,until we tried to drive down the road near our house, Brushy Creek road. We didn't even recognize the area because of all of the debris. In fact, one of our favorite parks is hiding under a ton of water from the flooding of Brushy Creek Lake and debris from Tropical Storm Hermine is everywhere. It is pretty sad.

We didn't take any pictures because we were too much in awe and shock to even think about taking pics. However, for those of you who are not in Austin, here is a video:

I had almost reserved one of the pavilions at the park for Luke's party--but,I am glad now that I did not. It looks like it will be a while before our beloved park will be able to reopen--so sad!

And, just in case you want to see more, here is another video I found showing flooding at the brushy creek sports park:

Oh---and our house is fine. We are at the top of the hill and have to walk down several blocks to get to brushy creek. Actually, our yard LOVED the rain. I feel badly for those who had a lot of damage to their houses due to the flooding.

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