Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Our Recent Adventures

It's been a while since our last post--so this may be a little longer than usual.

Luke was really sick for about a week, so that absorbed a lot of our attention, time, concern, and emotions. Now, I completely understand why my mom was always so concerned when I became ill. We still have no idea what caused his illness, but we are ELATED that he is on the road to recovery. I think he has tried to make up for what he did not eat or drink for a week over the last couple of days! I have never been so happy to see him eat! And everyone that knows Luke knows that he is SUCH a happy, cheerful, energetic little guy--so seeing him nearly comatose was frightening to say the least! I just hate that he cannot communicate how he is feeling. Now, that is all behind us and I just hope he never ever becomes that ill again!

Prior to him becoming really ill, we checked out Pedernales Falls for the first time. I loved the rock formations and watching the water flow rapidly through them.  Luke thought they were pretty neat also.  Here are some pictures from our visit there:

Then, this past weekend, as Luke was on the road to recovery, we decided to visit Sweetberry Farm in Marble Falls, TX. We have been wanting to take him to a Pumpkin Patch and realized on Sunday that was probably our last chance to do it--so we did.  :-)  What a great place for photo opps!!!!  And, it was such a neat place for kiddos.  They have all of the following activities there for children (and kids at heart):

Stuff Your Own Scarecrow
Kiddie Hayfield Maze
The 'Texas' Hayfield Maze
Pick Your Own Flowers
Horse Rides
Face Painting
Homemade Ice Cream (they have Pumpkin Pie flavor)
We had a fresh Strawberry Lemonade--YUMMY!  they also had grilled hamburgers, grilled corn, etc.
Pet the Horses and Goats, & Chickens (Luke liked this)
and of course - TONS of pumpkins, gourds, squash and other decorative items 

I want to go back this spring and pick some strawberries and blackberries!  Here are some of our pics from our trip to Sweetberry Farm:

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