Monday, November 1, 2010

Boo! Halloween!

Yes---that is Drew as Luigi, me as Mario, and Luke as Yoshi.  We spent Halloween with some of our Austin Family...our friends from our Austin Stone Community Church group.  We had a great time!  We ate some delicious food, played some Halloween-themed celebrity on our driveway and enjoyed seeing all of the costumes as trick-or-treaters visited us.  Was it just us, or did kids quit saying "trick or treat"?  At one point in the night, our friend, Adam, held the candy basket and asked kids as they approached with their hands out ready for candy, "What do you say??"   We were expecting to hear, "trick or treat."  Instead, we got a "thank you".  I guess at least they were polite!  :-)

Glenna provided some excellent costume commentary for the evening.  One of my favorite comments was given as a kid dressed in a Texas Longhorn #12 Basketball Jersey approached---Glenna said, "Oh, it's Colt McCoy!"   The kid responded, "This is a Basketball Jersey."  He then said "Hook'em Horns."  Glenna, who was proudly wearing a Baylor Bears t-shirt responded with a "Sic' Em." You're awesome, Glenna!  :-)

Luke and his friend, the cute little ladybug, Krystle
Here's Miss Krystle again
Jessi, Adam, Glenna and Aaron
Daddy and Luke checking out the display at the house down the street.
Luke was very curious about the display.

Jennifer and Krystle


  1. Thanks for not calling me out on the French Maid mishap! ;) We had so much fun!

  2. Well when I first opened up your blog I could not help but laugh!!! You all look so funny!!!! :) I think you would win the best family costumes in a contest! So fun! Can't wait to see you all and of course Luke!