Wednesday, December 22, 2010

A Walk through the lights at Rhema Bible Church and Seeing Santa with Traber

On Monday night, we took a stroll through the lights at Rhema.  Everyone who lives in the Tulsa area knows about Rhema--they put on the most amazing display you will ever see!

The RHEMA Christmas Lights Display was introduced in 1982 with approximately 60,000 lights. This year, more than two million lights illuminate the RHEMA campus.  This year’s display is expected to draw more than 200,000 visitors from all over Oklahoma and surrounding states. As always, admission is free--this makes for excellent entertainment!!

My favorite section of the park was the Rhema park bridge.  In this section, the hundreds of thousands of lights were synchronized to Christmas music.  I could have stood there all night--it was truly amazing!

Here is an example I found on youtube of the display I am referring isn't a high quality video, but you can still get the idea of what it is like.

Here are some pictures from Rhema and some pics of Luke and his cousin, Traber's, visit to see Santa.

We also thought we'd let Luke visit Santa for the 4th time this year, with hopes that the fear would have subsided by this point. However, the fear is still there...

As soon as Luke saw we were going to be approaching Santa's lap, he started screaming.   Santa said to me, "You're going to have to sit on my lap with him...that's what we have to do with the criers."

Later, Luke's cousin Traber arrived to the Bass Pro Shop where Santa was--I guess he felt the same way about Santa.
And we figured out that adding another cousin to Santa's lap didn't help.  Poor little guys--but we got some classic pictures regardless., we now have succumbed to the fact that Luke will not like Santa this year.  It must be pretty common at this age, and we are ok with that.   I think I would be scared too at that age. 

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