Saturday, February 5, 2011

Crafts for Kids

So, Luke is now at the stage where I want to start to try to begin crafting with him. I have been browsing through some crafting blogs over the past couple of weeks, and I have found some really neat ones. A couple were actually passed on to me by my friend, Natalie, who is so extremely creative.

1. For those of you who like IKEA, this is such a cool website. This is not necessarily a blog that contains crafts for kids to do, but it does have some great ideas of ways to transform IKEA furniture into something really cool--a lot of these transformations are to childrens' furniture:  This kids' train table hack is pretty cool:

2. This is a great crafting website, and is sure to bring me, as well as Luke, hours of fun.  :-)

3. Through my perusing of these sites, I have found some others. Here is a great craft idea for your little ones from one of my new favorite websites:

She actually borrowed the idea from a friend.  Her friend took all the Christmas cards her family received this year and turned them into a book for her kids to look at when praying for those families.

Ashley Ann is actually based out of the Tulsa, OK area and not only does she post some excellent craft ideas, but she also has some great photography tips. Not only do I think she has an excellent blog, but others must as well.  Her blog was named this year's winner for Best Kids Design Blog by "The Homies."

As I try some of the crafts, I will try to post my attempts.  :-)

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