Saturday, February 26, 2011

Day 5: Peppers ’n’ Potatoes Beef Skillet Supper

Because we had onion Risotto leftovers on Day 4, I cooked our next weekly meal planner dish on Day 5.  Drew and I really enjoyed this dish.   My only recommendation would be not to add as many noodles as the dish calls for.  I think the plethora of noodles took a little bit away from the delicious flavors of the dish.   The recipe called for cooking the baby red potatoes in the bacon grease.  I will admit this was very hard for me.   I actually poured some of the bacon grease out of the skillet before cooking the potatoes.  I like to cook healthful dishes and cooking a veggie in bacon grease just didn't seem right.  It did taste pretty good though.

And now for the verdict:

Heather:  This is really good--I think it would be a perfect meal for a cooler day.   And, of course, bacon toppings makes just about anything better.  The only thing I would change as I mentioned above is to reduce the amount of noodles in the dish.  I rate this dish a 7.5

Drew:  I really liked this dish--I liked it more than the Buffalo Chicken and less than the tacos.  Those tacos were REALLY good.  Therefore, I need to change my rating on the tacos to an "8" so I can rate this dish a 7.5.  Loved the flavors and, of course, the bacon.  I agree with Heather on less noodles though.

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