Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Luke's One-week Follow-up Appointment

We just returned home from Luke's one-week follow-up appointment from his closed-reduction procedure.  An X-ray taken today shows that Luke's arm is healing nicely.  We are definitely pleased and praised the Lord when we saw the X-ray images this morning.  You can actually already see new bone forming around where the doctor broke both of the forearm bones mid-shaft.  The doctor would like to leave the same splint on and said to keep on doing whatever we are doing.   I responded, "we're hovering", as I hovered over Luke while he explored the exam room.  The doctor laughed.

We take more X-rays in a week, so we are going to continue to pray that Luke is careful and that we are able to prevent him from having any falls that would land him on that arm.   This sounds pretty easy, but Luke runs fast and has simple slips and falls pretty often just doing normal playtime activities.

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  1. Good moms hover :-) So glad to hear Luke is getting better!