Saturday, February 12, 2011

Poll: Real or Computer-Edited?

This post is a little different than most of my others.  I saw a youtube video a few days ago and showed it to Drew, hoping for him to think it was as cool as I did.  After I first viewed it I thought, "This guy is pretty talented, why is he not already in the NFL?"  Here is the video:

Well, after Drew saw the video, his reaction was a little different than mine. He responded with, "That can't be real--I'm sure that was edited by computer. You can't throw a football like that from the stands into a basketball rim and swish it." Now, I agree that the quarterback looks as skilled as he does primarily because of editing, but I think he really did make the shots. Perhaps it took 50 tries to make each shot, but I do think he has some talent. That brings me to the poll.

Is Johnny Mac for real?
He's the real deal!
It took him at least 50 shots to get one of the shots for camera, but he has talent.
Some of the shots may be real, but a lot of them are create by a computer.
These shots were made by a computer, not Johnny Mac! free polls

What do you think?

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