Monday, February 7, 2011

Praying it's our last "casted" day

Let's pray that today is the last day as a "casted Luke."  The doctor is going to take some X-rays at 4:20p today.  Drew and I have been praying that Luke's arm healed properly and we can get this cast off.   If things go as we hope, I am sure we will head straight for the bathtub when we get home if his arm smells anything like the preview we get when we sniff really hard near his right fingers.   Pew weee!

pic taken this morning with my phone

You take your arm for granted until you're unable to use it.  
From Luke:
Top Ten Things I am going to do when my cast comes off..

  1. Splash in the bathtub with both hands!
  2. Wear my clothes normally
  3. Play with my T-ball set (there's a story on this one.  In one of my brilliant moments I decided this would be a great time to break out the T-ball set he got for his birthday.  Poor little guy was trying to hit the ball off the Tee with one arm.  :-( )
  4. Play with my golf set
  5. Finger paint and do some handprint crafts
  6. Eat with both hands again
  7. Straighten my arm out high to the sky
  8. Tackle daddy without giving him a serious head injury (that cast hurts)
  9. Hop into my car seat really easily.
  10. And last, but certainly not least, give mommy and daddy a great big hug without whacking them hard in the head with my cast arm.   I love hugs!

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