Saturday, February 26, 2011

Update on Luke's Healing

Drew and I took Luke to another follow-up appointment at the Orthopedic Physician's office late yesterday.  We got another set of X-rays, which revealed quite a bit of new bone forming around the radius and ulna breaks.  The radius looked very straight (the radius was the bone that Luke initially broke).  The ulna appeared bent (the ulna was not broken initially, but the doc had to break it during the reduction procedure when trying to get the radius straight).  However, the doc told us that in 6 months or so, we would not be able to tell he ever had any broken bones.

He removed some of the old tape that had become quite dirty from Luke's normal activities and put some new, very white, tape on the splint.  I'm sure this will become gray soon with the normal little boy activities Luke likes to be involved in (playing in rocks, dirt, eating with that hand, etc.)  Doc ordered the splint on for two more weeks, and then we'll remove it to see how his arm looks on the afternoon of March 11. 

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