Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A UPS Driver brought a pleasant surprise today!!!!!

A UPS driver dropped off something quite unexpected at our doorstep today.....and we (especially Drew) are VERY happy about it!

Here is the box....what is it?

The "skin" that was included with it made it known to us what had arrived!

Even Luke was excited!

Are you still wondering what it is?

Drew is opening up the box within the box...

while Luke plays with the box.

Tada!   It is the exclusive Google Chrome OS Notebook and a thrilled Drew!!!!
Google began a pilot program late last year, which entailed offering FREE notebooks loaded with their new Chrome operating system!!!  Of course, this required applying and being selected out of millions in a lottery system.  

Drew first applied in December 2010 when the program first began.  And, even though we knew it would be a long shot to actually receive a notebook, we were sad that one did not arrive with our online Christmas purchases at our doorstep. 

In mid-January, Drew found a promo where if you installed a specific app in your browser, you received another entry in the lottery.  A few weeks later, the UPS man dropped of a free notebook at our doorstep.  We were amazed when we opened the notebook, that it started up almost instantly and is super quiet.  We haven't played with it yet, but expect to get a full review of the notebook later! 

Click here for some additional information about the pilot program from Google and to apply for the lottery.

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