Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Action: Luke tries out his T-ball set, while fighting allergies

Strange post title, I know.  But, I wanted to share a couple of short video clips and the title really fits the clips.  We were in the backyard tonight, and there was a LOT of yellow pollen around.  But, the weather was so beautiful, that we didn't want to go inside.  So, instead, I brought Luke's T-ball set outside so he could play with it.

Here is a video clip of him taking a couple of swings.

Because of all of the yellow pollen in the air and on everything, he needed a tissue.   So, I gave him one.   I think it is SO cute when he blows his nose.  A few months ago, I gave him a tissue in the car, and much to my amazement, he started blowing his nose.  We never taught him how to do it, I guess he just learned by watching us.   What is even funnier is that he has never acted like it is a big deal--it's like he has been doing it forever.  Maybe it really isn't a big deal and I am just a crazy, proud mommy.  Drew took a short video with his phone of Luke blowing his nose.

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  1. So cute! I see many baseball games in your future!!! So I think it is a big deal that Luke can blow his nose!! It took Brody forever to learn to blow it and Kaylee just asks for the suction..... yeah she asks for that thing! Next time we see you all we are going to have Luke give her some pointers! Or maybe you all could just teach her! :)