Monday, April 11, 2011

An Early Easter-Egg Hunt and Family Fun

We visited Mimi and Papa (Drew's parents) and Erica, Andy, Mitchell, Audrey and Lauren (Drew's sister and family) this past weekend and took part in a little early Easter egg hunting action and family fun.  Drew's side of the family always hides Easter eggs inside Mimi and Papa's house, with plastic eggs filled with goodies. 

This year, each of the Grandkids had a different color of egg for which they searched.  I thought this was such a great idea.  Luke got to search for blue eggs and, I must say, he was very quick at spotting them!  One of his favorite things to do was open up the eggs to see what was inside.  What was inside were things that right now only mommy and daddy should eat (and I must say we are enjoying these things).  After the egg hunt, Luke had a miniature Reese's egg in his hand for quite some time without anyone noticing.  It got very warm and began melting.  Suddenly, everyone heard Luke exclaim, "Mmmmmmmmm!"  We all looked over to find Luke's chocolatey hand in his mouth. 

How can I open this piece of chocolate before anyone notices?

I better suck on these fingers quickly before Papa washes the chocolate off my hands.

Audrey kept opening eggs and exclaiming, "Jackpot!"

Ohhhh!!!   I bet there are chocolates in every one of these!

Here Erica, come with me and give me some more chocolate please.

Later, we took a walk to a park with Mimi and Papa.

I did some swinging...

some duck watching while eating the bread papa brought for the ducks...

and sliding down a slide that was much too small for daddy.

I even took a break to smell the roses.

The next day, Mitchell, Audrey and Lauren showed me some slides on the side of a hill that they like.

They also had regular slides too, like this one that Lauren is going down.

We found lots of balloons at the park.

But, a man let them all go away in the sky.

I was very concerned about those balloons.  Audrey, who I call "Didi," told me it would be OK though.  "There are other balloons," she said.

I watched them until they got so tiny that I could no longer see them in the sky.

But, we found some more.  Come on girls, let's go see these other balloons.
We had an excellent time with family this past weekend.  And to top it off, Drew and I even got to go on a date to an Astros baseball game with Erica and Mitchell. Thanks Andy for the tickets--they were excellent.  We were only about 20 rows up from George and Barbara Bush's seats.  George and Barbara were actually at the game as well.  It was such a fun time!

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