Sunday, April 10, 2011

Ridin' the Rails

Last weekend, we took Luke on a special little adventure that we knew he'd love.  We decided to visit the Cedar Rock Railroad.  It was the closest that Luke has ever come to riding on a real train, and anyone that knows Luke well knows that he LOVES trains.  The train is a fantastic quarter-scale train that takes passengers on a relaxing 1.3 mile ride through the nature-filled fields and forests of the Williamson County Regional park.  It was a great 15 minute ride, that went by a little lake, through the woods and even through a tunnel.  And, for $2.50 per ticket, I definitely think this adventure was worth it.

Luke and I, ready for our ride.

The conductor walked by and punched all of our tickets.  Luke thought that was pretty neat.
Luke says, "Go Choo Choo Train, Go!"
Taking it all in...

After the ride, Luke wanted to get a closer look of the train.  Notice he is still holding his ticket.  :-)
Bye-Bye, Train!
Click here to read the "Free Fun in Austin" website's review of the train. 

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