Saturday, April 2, 2011

Well, Hello Princess!

That is the comment Luke received yesterday.  And, Drew was holding Luke, so we're pretty sure the nice lady wasn't speaking to Drew.  Drew very quickly replied to the sweet lady, "He's a Prince." 

I don't understand it.   About once every two weeks we get a similar comment, or something along the lines of, "Is your baby a boy or girl?"  Luke has never worn pink, and I always feel he is quite obviously dressed as a boy.  Also, a couple of weeks ago I cut a lot of his long curly locks, because it was starting to look like he had a rat tail.  So, I really don't think it is because of his hair.   In fact, I really don't feel like he has a lot of hair, even for a boy.

When he received the "hello, princess" comment, he was wearing this:
Can anyone help me understand?


  1. Bridget Campbell LevitzApril 2, 2011 at 10:06 AM

    We have the SAME thing happen with Molly...someone just the other day called her "Junior" when she was riding in our shopping cart, with a purple flowered shopping cart seat cover surrounding her, and dressed in pink...drives me crazy too! :) Luke looks very much like a little boy, and we like to think that Molly looks like a little girl!! I wish I knew why it happened...

  2. My mom tells me I got called a boy until I was almost three. I turned out okay! I'd just try to take it as a compliment that they think your kid is cute, even if they got the sex wrong. And I love Drew's reply!

  3. We know about this all too well, especially with Lilly! I don't know why, but we had so many people say, "oh, he's so cute." One time Lilly was wearing a bright, hot pink hat, and I've never seen a boy wearing that! I have also never seen a girl wearing a dinosaur shirt! Luke is all boy!

  4. Heather - I have been asked three times since Lili was born if she was a boy. The first time, she was dressed in pink with a pink blanket around her. I think when they're that little, their faces are so sweet an innocent it's hard to detect whether they are girls are boys. Especially in the absence of hair which is the case for Lili right now. Julie :)