Sunday, April 10, 2011

When an 18-month old boy wants to feed himself yogurt....

It looks like this...

Mmmmm..see I do it much better than you mommy.

Wait...this is harder than it looks.

I'll try scooping it like a shovel.

Get in my mouth now, yogurt!
Luke has decided he does not want me to feed him any longer.  I'm pretty sure he thinks he is saying, "I do it myself, Mommy" as he babbles and grabs the spoon.  It is so messy, but I guess he does need to learn how to use the utensils himself.  I expect lots of messy dinners in our future!  But, I am not complaining--we're enjoying every minute of our journey with Mr. Luke.  We love our little guy more and more with each day.

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