Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Boy or Girl?

A couple of weeks ago I called the nurse at my OB/GYN office to let her know of something that was going on with me (I will spare you the TMI).  I called around lunchtime, thinking she would give me some sort of advice like, "you just need to take it easy," or "monitor it and if you see XYZ, then call us back."  But, instead, they wanted me to come in two hours later for an exam.  During the physical exam, the doctor thought everything looked fine, but wanted to send me to an Ultrasound just to rule everything out (due to the issues I was having).  I was by myself, as Drew was watching Luke.  I actually had the 20-week full anatomy ultrasound scheduled for just a week and a half later (on 8/22) and my parents were even coming down to visit to coincide with the appointment.   My mom and Drew were planning on attending the Ultrasound (two adults are allowed) and my dad offered to watch Luke, since small children were not allowed.

When I arrived to the Ultrasound suite, the technologist informed me that since they were going to need to do a full-anatomy ultrasound that day, I would not be able to have my normal 20-week ultrasound as scheduled.  She said I would need to reschedule it for a few weeks later, as they do not like to do them that close together.  I felt so badly that my parents would not get to have their trip coincide with that appointment.  The technologist also asked me if I wanted to find out the sex of the baby.  I told her, "Yes, we definitely want to know, but I was really hoping that my husband could be present at the Ultrasound when we found out."  Concerned about what was going on inside, I cautiously watched as she examined my placenta, cervix and the baby's anatomy via Ultrasound.  When she whipped the wand down to the bottom, the sex of the baby was instantly obvious.   This baby sleeps just like Luke still does--with its arms and knees tucked under its abdomen and bottom up in the air.   The baby happened to be in this very position, and it was quite obvious that it was.........A GIRL!  I didn't know that it would be so obvious if the baby was a girl, but it definitely was!

When I got home, Drew asked Luke what was in mommy's belly.   Luke responded by saying very clearly one of the girls' names that we have discussed using.   Luke is certain that is what the baby should be called.   So, I will cautiously announce on here what Luke thinks the baby should be named.  Of course, Luke never likes to perform on camera or in front of people other than us, so he said the name that he likes in his own time.  Therefore, you will notice the video has been edited a bit.

So, there you have it.  One of the girls' names that we like is Abbey--not Abigail, just Abbey.    This is just one of several that we like, but it is, so far, the one we like best.  Our only concern is that my online research shows that Abigail is in the top 7 of baby girl names for 2011.  And, I am guessing a majority of those little girls will go by "Abby".  We just don't want our girl to have to be identified as "Abbey W" by her friends, due to all of the other Abbys in her class. But, so far, that is the standout name for us and it just seems to fit.   Luke likes it too!

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  1. WEll I am so very excited to find out the name that you all have been thinking about!! I Love it!! Sounds really cute.... especially when Luke says it!! :) I think with any name they will have friends with that name as well.... unless it is totally off the wall like apple or something. :) So cute!!! Now I can't wait for little Abbey to get here!!!!!!!!!!!!