Tuesday, August 9, 2011

A Visit to the Kiddie Park--Luke's first "Rides"

While Drew was in Portland, OR for a conference, Luke and I visited my family in Oklahoma.
We really enjoyed spending time with my family, and, of course, Luke LOVED playing with his Oklahoma cousins every day.   On Saturday before we flew back home, my family decided to take a trip to the Kiddie Park in Bartlesville, OK.  What a GREAT place for little kids!  Luke, who is not even two, could ride almost every single ride there!  And, I love that most of the rides just cost one ticket (some cost 2); the tickets are only $.25 each!   I didn't get pictures of it, but Luke rode the train a couple of times.  Twenty-five cents for a train ride is cheap fun! For $4, Luke had an evening full of fun with his cousins.  I really wasn't surprised at all that Luke wanted to ride every single ride in the park.  He is such a fearless little boy.

We started out riding the boats.  There was no seatbelt though.  I thought Luke might not try to get out of the boat if he rode beside his big cousin, Brody.  However, I was wrong.  Luke tried to get out of the boat after the first round, but luckily Brody helped keep him in the boat.  Thank you Brody!

Luke loved the swings!  Kaylee is in front of him and he is looking back at Lilly.

Of course, Luke wanted to drive the car that looked like Thomas the Train.

Here is Luke's cousin, Traber, on the John Deere tractor (and Lilly is behind him)

Linnea is concentrating on her driving skills.

Luke and Grandma rode the carousel--what an awesome carousel for 25 cents!

Luke also rode with my cousin Kristin's nephew, Trent, on a horse and carriage.

The whole gang rode together on a little roller coaster.  Fearless Luke and Kaylee took the front car.

Luke and Kaylee got a little scared--it was a pretty rough ride.  Thank you, Jason, for protecting Luke.

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