Thursday, September 1, 2011

Baby Girl Ultrasound at 21 Weeks

Drew and I visited our physician's Ultrasound Suite today to get our baby girl's full anatomy Ultrasound.  Our friends, Sarah and Ford, watched and played with Luke while we took a peek at our baby girl's progression.   Luke had a blast there and didn't miss us one bit.

Our little girl was very cooperative during the ultrasound.  In fact, they said they could use the ultrasound pictures for a textbook.  She looked perfectly healthy and gave us some great pictures.  I am 21 weeks and 1 day today and she measured (based on head and arm/leg bone measurement averages) 21 weeks 3 days.   They said that they like to see the baby measuring a little more than the actual gestational age, so that was also good news.

They provided us with a DVD and lots of pictures.  For our family and friends who are interested, below is part of the video of the Ultrasound that I just uploaded to youtube.   Enjoy!

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