Wednesday, October 5, 2011

26 weeks Pregnant

I have now come to the point in pregnancy where things are starting to normalize.  In fact, I am starting to feel much like I felt with Luke at this point in pregnancy.  The only differences now are that this little girl is not running marathon after marathon inside the womb as Luke did, and now I have a 27 pound boy that I am lifting on a regular basis (in and out of car seat, in and out of shopping cart, in and out of crib.)  My back, sciatic nerve and abs are starting to feel the consequences of this regular, awkward lifting.  Another difference in this pregnancy and the last is the fact that our life is a lot more busy now, which has been making this pregnancy FLY by!

Since I haven't been taking many "baby bump" pictures this time around, I figured it was about time to take one!  The last one was taken around 23 weeks.  Here is a 26 week progression picture:

Current Pregnancy

26 weeks, 3 days pregnant with Luke

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