Wednesday, October 26, 2011

A Foodie's Dream!

Last weekend, we took a break between tackling all of the chores on our to-do list and made our way to the Austin Gypsy Picnic (Food Truck Festival) to grab some lunch.  Drew and I consider ourselves "foodies", with some of our favorite television shows residing on the food network.  Also, one of our favorite past-times (at least pre-Luke) was to try new restaurants and dishes.  So, this was loads of fun for us! 

Over 35 of Austin's finest food trailers were there to showcase their most popular offerings.  We loved that they offered "samples" (which I must say seemed more like a normal portion to me) for just a couple of dollars.  This allowed us to try several trucks and even split some dessert.

We loved everything we tasted.  But, our favorite thing was our dessert.  We ordered some "mini" ice cream sammies from the Coolhaus food truck that were amazing.   We had a chocolate chip cookie/sea salt caramel ice cream sammie and a chocolate chocolate cookie/mint ice cream sammie. The next time we have a craving for some dessert, we are going to hunt that trailer down!

A beautiful day for a food truck festival!

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  1. Ok this is what we were looking for!!! Glad you all got to sample some food and had fun!!! We will have to find that one food truck that you liked next time and will hunt them down with you even if we have to walk 20 blocks this time! :)