Thursday, October 13, 2011

Inside the Womb...Our baby Girl at 26.5 weeks

Our baby girl playing with the umbilical cord

Last Saturday, before the OU-Texas game (which was a very good one for our family--Boomer Sooner!), we decided to take a peek at our little girl inside the womb via 3D ultrasound.   I found a REALLY good deal at a place within a few miles from our home, and Drew's parents were in town for the weekend.  So, we thought it was perfect timing!

After breakfast, we headed over to the Ultrasound office and watched our little girl be a little camera shy.  Most of the time, she liked her hands up by her face.  I remember getting a 3D Ultrasound with Luke at 28.5 weeks, and he was also camera shy, with his hands by his face most of the time.  We were still able to get a few good pics though.

I know that we could just wait about 13 weeks or so and see her in person, but it is neat to get to know her this early.  Plus, we have really been struggling with her name, so it helped us to be able to put our name selections to a face.  :-)

Here is a picture of Luke in the womb, and then shortly after he was born:

And here are a couple of the best pictures we have of our daughter so far:

I like this one because it shows her extremely long fingers.

Here is her thinking pose.

Based on the ultrasound, we think she is going to look a lot like Luke.  It definitely looks like she has the same nose and lips as he does.  Getting this ultrasound just makes us even more excited to see her, and it definitely makes it seem so real.

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