Wednesday, October 26, 2011

It Feels Great to Check Things Off the List--or is this nesting?

Today marks the completion of the 29th week of pregnancy and I am already a couple of weeks into my third trimester.  I cannot believe it.  One of the reasons I think this pregnancy has flown by is because we have been busy virtually EVERY weekend since we found out we were pregnant.   Last weekend was the first weekend we didn't have something going on and we were actually in town.  So, we made an aggressive to-do list that we have successfully tackled.  Maybe I am just nesting and want to get everything done and everything clean and organized, because it really feels so extremely exhilarating!

Some of the tasks checked off of our to-do list:
  • A couple of months ago, our upstairs AC unit broke down and ending up leaking into the ceiling of one of our bedrooms (Luke's future room).  So, there was separation in the ceiling and a nice stain.  When family left last week, we contacted our favorite contractor and he finished the project up last weekend.  He also threw in a deal to fix a similar ceiling issue in our garage (from a hot water tank leak last year).  Check! 
  • We went through our attic space (and every other favorite place to store items, such as under a guest bed :-) )and decided to get rid of anything we hadn't touched in a year.  This ended up being more stuff than we thought.  Also, we decided to get rid of an old mower and our old fridge that we were using as an extra in the garage.  Thanks to craigslist, we sold practically everything within a couple of days!  Drew is also going around to CD buyback shops on his lunch hour to sellback tons of old CDs.  This money from these sells will come in handy as we need to purchase some things for our baby girl. It feels SO good to get rid of stuff.  We also donated many things to Goodwill this past weekend and we plan on having a garage sale in a couple of weekends for whatever else that we haven't sold.  Check!
  • Since the ceiling painting/repair was completed last weekend.  I contacted the carpet cleaning company to give our carpets a thorough cleaning.  That was completed yesterday and the carpets feel brand new.   Check! 
  • We have Luke's new room empty and ready for his move-in.  We plan on transitioning him next weekend.  I purchased a new quilt for his bed that will fit the toddler mattress as well as his twin bed when he eventually moves into that.  Check!
There were even more tasks that we were able to check off, but I won't bore you with those details.  It feels so good to write these completed tasks down!   Now that we have these other tasks behind us, I am really excited about moving Luke into his new room after decorating and organizing it and then also doing the same with our new nursery. 

29-week Pregnancy Pics:

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