Saturday, October 22, 2011

A Trip to the Pumpkin Patch with Family

Last weekend, we had a lot of family visitors and thought it would be a great time to visit our favorite pumpkin patch.  Unfortunately, Luke wasn't in a picture mood, but it was still a fun adventure outing with the family.  My mom and dad, my brother, Jason, and sister-in-law, Emily, and their children, Brody and Kaylee, and my sister, Holly, and brother-in-law, Ryan, and their children, Lilly and Linnea, visited for the weekend. 

Luke runs through the beautiful flower garden.
We went to Sweet Berry Farms in Marble Falls.  It is free to attend, and, of course, to take advantage of their wonderful props for fall.  But, you have to pay for some of the extras.  For example, while we were there we had to partake of their homemade pumpkin ice cream and strawberry lemonade, even though we brought a picnic lunch.  But considering we had many adventures while we were there, that was not a lot to spend.  And, the ice cream and lemonade was definitely worth it!  We petted goats, horses and donkeys and even a cute baby donkey that was just born that weekend. 

My dad snapped a family photo of us while we were there.

Here is a slideshow of some of our adventures with the family at the pumpkin patch:

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