Wednesday, November 23, 2011

7 weeks until our Due Date!

...and with Thanksgiving and Christmas, the 7 weeks remaining until our due date is going to FLYYYYY by!  I still feel like we have a lot to do (and buy) so that we are ready for our baby girl.  Her bedroom is coming right along.   We spent some time transforming an Ikea Chandelier from this:
Brushed Nickel Finish
Into this:
Painted white and antiqued...this was a job!!!!
We painted the room a pale pink, and have begun hanging a few decorations that we have bought and/or made.

We have even hung some letters to try to get used to one of the names we like.  Since we are going with a shabby chic style for the room, we thought it would be fun to hang the letters on a clothes line:

You can see a little better how the letters are hanging here. 
I still need to re-purpose some photo mattes and install them into picture frames to hang on the wall, as well as hopefully get some more items for the room,  but it is getting there.  

Luke wanted to pose with me for the 33-week belly pic:

This will be our first Thanksgiving and Christmas to celebrate away from our families, as our doctor recommended we not travel for Thanksgiving, and of course forbade me to travel on Christmas.  But, it will probably also be our only Thanksgiving and Christmas for a while to celebrate at our own home, so we are going to make it a special time this year and enjoy some local festivities.

I will finish this post with some pictures of Luke.  A few days ago when we got home, we found a used Lego Duplo table at our front door with no note attached--and whoever dropped it off also gave us a bunch of lego duplo blocks.  We were actually thinking about getting some of these for Luke for Christmas, but I know they can be pretty pricey.  So, we were so thankful to be blessed with this gift.  I guess one of our kind neighbors' kids outgrew it and thought Luke might enjoy it--we have no idea who dropped it off though!  I thoroughly cleaned the table and blocks and Luke has been enjoying it ever since.  Thank you kind neighbor, whoever you are! Here are some pics of Luke building some of his "tall towers":

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  1. The room looks so cute!!! I love the "look" that you are doing in there! Also love the letters hanging from the wall.... as well as love the name!! :) You are looking great!! Not much longer now. What an awesome gift to receive at your front door! He is going to have lots of fun with those!