Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Our Halloween Festivities

Spiderman and Batman.  The Spiderman costume came with a mask, but Luke didn't want to wear it.

Last weekend, we made a short trip to the Houston area to visit Drew's family.  We figured it may be our last trip for a while, since we are only 10 weeks from our baby's due date.

While we were there, we had a lot of fun with family.  We took advantage of some Halloween/Fall festivals on Saturday, celebrated Luke's birthday and watched Luke's cousins, Audrey and Lauren perform a dance routine.

On Halloween, we were back in Austin and Luke took part in his first trick-or-treating ever.  Our friends, Jennifer and Michael and their daughter, Krystal, joined us as we visited houses in our neighborhood.  Krystal is only a month older than Luke, so it was her first time to trick-or-treat also.   It was so entertaining watching them figure it out together.

As you can probably guess from the picture at the top of this post, we decided to take on the super-heroes theme this year as a family.  After Drew and I put on our costumes, we regretted the decision to dress as super heroes and visit our neighbors, but pushed through it anyway.   I think last year's costume idea would have been a better fit for me this year.  Here is last year's family costume:

Being pregnant as Mario would have been much better for me than pregnant as bat girl.  Oh well.  Here is a slideshow of some pictures of our Halloween festivities.  The slideshow moves pretty quickly, but you can pause it and move through it manually to see the captions.

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