Thursday, December 29, 2011

If Pregnancy were a video game...

Apparently I just unlocked super nesting mode....according to Drew!  I noticed a few days ago when I checked my Facebook news page that he posted this:

When I saw it, I had to laugh; but, I also have to agree.   I have NEVER in my life been so motivated to get some crazy little tasks done!  It is pretty sad when you are excited on Christmas Day that your son has gone down for a nap--so you have time to get on your hands and knees to scrub your bathroom floors.  Yes, on Christmas Day I got excited about scrubbing my bathroom floors!

I have some major insomnia lately--which is quite common at this point in late pregnancy.  So, I guess my brain has been using the time that it would normally relax to come up with some "to-do" lists for the following day.  Drew has these last two weeks of the year off of work as vacation and my last day of work was the 21st.   While he has been spending some quality time playing with Luke, I have been taking advantage of some "me time" by creating and completing these to-do lists.  It feels SO good!   But, of course, we have also made some time every day to have lots of fun together as a family.  I could really get used to this!  But, I know this will all soon change as our new little bundle of joy arrives. I am so excited for her arrival, but I know that the amount of work will increase significantly and "me time" will be in the distant past for a while!   Honestly, I feel that we have gotten so much done that I am finally "ready" for her arrival.   I would love for her to wait until 2012, but I feel like our home (and my body) are now ready for her arrival.   Here are some 38 week belly pictures:

For fun today as a family, we ate lunch at one of our favorite hamburger joints (Phil's Ice House).  It was delicious.  Also, Luke enjoyed playing on their fun playground while we were there.  Then, we visited Mt. Bonnell.   I think the last time that Drew and I had visited Mt. Bonnell was when he asked me to marry him!  So, it has definitely been a while.  It was PERFECT weather and felt great to "climb a mountain" as Luke said. Luke was very concerned about me climbing up the mountain after he heard Drew tell me to be careful.  After he heard Drew say that, Luke told me repeatedly (like 125 times--no kidding), "Be Careful Mommy!"  He is such a sweetie pie.

Checking out the scenery from above.

Posing with mommy for a quick pic--I am restraining him here as he wanted to run. 

Last time we were here, this picture included just Drew and I--and a ring newly added to my finger!

Luke decided he wanted to take the many steps down.

Mr. Independent didn't want mommy to hold his hand.  Instead, he wanted to hold onto the rail and race down the steps all by himself.  Our little boy sure does scare me sometimes!  I have my Bjorn baby carrier out and ready to be strapped to me (to hold our little girl inside), so I can continue to chase after our little dare devil with two free arms after our little girl has arrived!

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