Saturday, February 25, 2012

Abbey meets her Oklahoma Family

We took our first big trip as a family of four last weekend when we traveled to Oklahoma to see my family.   It was Abbey's first time to meet her cousins, aunts, uncles and other family on my side.  We timed it so that we could celebrate my niece, Kaylee's, third birthday.

We were a little nervous about the 7-8 hour drive, but both kids actually did very well.  I think we were most nervous about how many times we would need to stop since Luke is potty-training and Abbey would need to eat every 3 hours.  However, we only stopped twice on the way there and twice on the way back.  Luke was awesome with his potty training.  Actually, on the way back he kept his pants dry the ENTIRE trip.  He has become a champ at keeping his pants clean and dry.  Abbey did really well also and didn't fuss at all during the drive.  Abbey and I are both battling some colds, so I was concerned about her breathing ability.  But, again, she did extremely well the entire trip.

While we were there, my budding photographer cousin, Kristin, kindly took some family portraits of us.  She has a pretty awesome photo studio set up in her house.  She posted a teaser of four of the pictures she took in one of her facebook albums.  The pictures she posted turned out wonderful, and I can't wait to see the rest.  With her permission, I will post the remaining pictures and a link to her website in a separate blog post.  However, here are the teaser photos she posted:

Luke was so energetic during the photo shoot, so this pose was a great way to keep him still for a moment.

Our handsome little man.

A last minute shot before we left that turned out really cute.

Also right before we left, Kristin snapped this shot of Abbey since she was looking at me with her crooked smile that I adore.

We loved seeing all of our Oklahoma family and were sad to leave.  Here is a picture slideshow of our adventures in Oklahoma.

Also, we thought Abbey and Luke's Oklahoma cousins would enjoy this video we shot of them doing "Crocodiles on the Street" at Kaylee's party. So, we are sharing:

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