Monday, February 13, 2012

Big Brother Adjustments

Luke is a great big brother.  However, for the first month of Abbey's life, I think Luke felt it helped him transition best if he pretended she did not exist.  Drew and I and Luke's grandparents gave him a ton of attention during the time of and shortly after Abbey's birth so that he would not feel left out of things.  It has really not been until the last couple of weeks that Luke has acknowledged (at least visibly) Abbey's existence.  When I picked him up from his first day at his new school, one of the first things he asked me was where Abbey was.  I had her carrier covered with a blanket to prevent lots of little hands touching her since she is so young.  He very quickly pulled up the blanket and proudly showed our friends his sister.  He introduced her and even showed them that she had a bow in her hair.  That was when I realized that, although he doesn't admit it always at home, he loves and is very proud of his little sis.

Drew was playing with Luke this past weekend in our gameroom and captured a precious moment on video of Luke pretending his glow worm was Abbey.  I love this!  Enjoy:

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