Friday, March 30, 2012

Abbey looks really familiar!

I think our children resemble a combination of both Drew and I.  When Abbey was born, I thought she was a spitting image of Luke.   Lately, as I look at her and see her expressions, I have been having strange feelings like these images are oddly familiar.

So, I started looking at mine and Drew's baby pics.  Look what I found:

Those are pictures of me as a baby.  Here are some recent photos of Abbey.

It is so strange how you can see both parents in a child, yet also have the child look so similarly to you in your own baby photos.  Maybe it is because Drew and I look a lot alike as well, but lately I have just been in such awe about this.  On a side note, we are finding that Luke's personality is shaping out to look a lot more like mine.  Let's just hope Abbey turns out to be more like Drew to balance things out around here.  :-)

In order to help guide us in raising a strong-willed child (Luke), I just purchased two books by Dr. James Dobson:  "Setting Limits with Your Strong-Willed Child : Eliminating Conflict by Establishing Clear, Firm, and Respectful Boundaries" and "The New Strong-Willed Child."  I am hoping to take away some good knowledge from these books to apply daily with Mr. Luke.  I have also been saying a lot of prayers and have even been including Luke in some of these prayers.  That kid is so sweet and fun, but that strong will, combined with being two and a half years old and having new sibling jealousy is creating a combination lately that has been very difficult.  I know that a strong will also has many benefits.  I am hoping that through reading these books and with God's direction, I can help Luke focus on these positive benefits and continue to praise him for all of his positive qualities and behaviors.  I love that kid so stinkin' much!

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