Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Inflatable Slides, Bouncy houses and Foam Pits--Oh My!

Luke's cousin, Traber, loves bouncy houses.  So while they visited this past weekend, we went to a new bouncy house that we had never visited.  The boys had a blast, and I once again realized how little fear Luke has!

Of course they have the usual moonwalk-type bouncy houses at this place.  But, Luke and Traber's favorite things were the steep slides and the foam pits.  The slides were so steep that Drew and Jeremy had the kids lay back as they went down them to prevent them from toppling forward.  

Luke's turn to go down a slide.

and Traber's turn.

You can tell how steep the slide is in this picture.

I don't think the slide was quite as much fun for adults.  From Jeremy's expression here, it may have been a little painful.

We didn't even get a photo of the boys jumping in the bouncy houses, because they didn't spend more than a few seconds there.   This is where they spent most of their time:

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