Thursday, April 12, 2012

Abbey is already 3 months old!

I can't believe our little baby girl is already three months old!  She has changed so much since she was born.

Here she is when she was just a couple of days old:

Born 1/3/2012.  Weighed 7 lbs, 6 oz and was 21 inches long.

And here she is now:

Here is what she's been up to lately:

  • She smiles practically non-stop when she is awake.  She melts my heart every time she looks at me and smiles. 
  • She makes the most precious sounds as she "talks" to you.  
  • She rolls over from tummy to back and back to tummy.
  • She sleeps through the night (on most nights).  Last night, she slept from 8pm to 6am.  Mommy loves this!
  • She loves to watch her brother.  I can tell she is already enamored with Luke.  
  • She spits up quite a bit, but it really doesn't seem to bother her most of the time.  So, we think she is growing out of the acid reflux situation she had earlier on.
  • She enjoys sitting up.
  • She lost most of her hair, but it is growing back in.
  • Her eyes are a beautiful brown color.  At times, they almost look green to me.  I am sure they are still in the process of changing.  
  • She has doubled her birth weight. She now weighs almost 15 lbs and is 25.25 inches long!
The other day when Abbey was rolling around, I took a short video with my phone.  The mat she is on is not ideal for rolling around, because it doesn't give her much space.  Our poor little girl ran into the plastic side and then hit her face with a rattle she was holding.  :-( But, at least you can see her roll.  I really do not take nearly enough video, and need to be more intentional about taking videos with our actual camera instead of my phone.

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  1. Adam can go tummy to back but not back to tummy yet...I haven't even seen him try that one!