Thursday, April 26, 2012

A Springtime visit from Mimi and Papa

A Blog post from Luke's perspective:

Last weekend, my Mimi and Papa visited.  We had lots of fun together.  On Friday, we visited one of my favorite bouncy houses.  I had lots of fun running from inflatable to inflatable.  Mommy and Papa tried to keep up with me, while Mimi watched Abbey in the stroller.

On Friday night we grilled yummy burgers on our back patio.  After dinner, Mommy and Daddy and I went on a walk to enjoy the beautiful weather while Papa and Mimi stayed back at the house with Abbey.  When we returned home, they had a surprise for me!

When I got back home from our walk, I noticed an Easter basket filled with goodies.

They also hid some Easter eggs around the house, which I soon discovered were filled with chocolates.

And they were yummy!

I also got some new friends--Max & Ruby and Tuck (from Wonder Pets)

On Saturday, we went to my favorite park.  Mimi rode this fun swing with me.

Mommy says this is the longest I have ever stayed on a swing.  I am usually a slide kind of guy.

Later that day, Abbey and I were thinking about how much fun we were having with Mimi and Papa.

I showed Mimi and Papa how I can swing by myself now.

Papa and I pretended the rocks in our backyard were different ice cream flavors.  Papa taught me some new flavors like Pistachio.  I like to say "Pistachio" with my funny voice while I make a funny face.  Like in this video:

So, when we visited my favorite Italian market on Sunday after church and I could pick any kind of Gelato (that came with my kids meal), guess what I chose?  Pistachio!!!!

Abbey and I took a picture with Mimi and Papa on Sunday right before they left to go back to their home.  Abbey had her serious face on.

Papa and Abbey

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