Wednesday, April 11, 2012

What We Missed...

Our church home's Easter Sunday worship service.

We had a blast being in Oklahoma and visiting family over Easter weekend.  Drew and I only missed one thing about not being at our own home for Easter:  worship service at our church home, The Austin Stone Community Church.  Our church has three campuses in the Austin area and 4 service times at each.  It is very rare that the entire church comes together at one time.  Well, for the second year in a row, our church has done just that.  On Easter Sunday, the entire church met at one service time at the Frank Erwin Center (where UT plays basketball).  

It looks like it was an amazing service!  I have already watched it on youtube.  There were over 13,000 people worshiping God at one time.  I imagine it felt like a small glimpse of what heaven might be like.  The worship was spectacular and Pastor Matt Carter's message was an awesome reminder of the difference between Christianity and other religions.  The topic of his sermon was "Religion vs. The Gospel" and it truly is a must-listen for any Christian.  I have embedded the video to this blog post for your convenience so you can be a part of the message as well.  :-)

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