Friday, May 11, 2012

Abbey is 4 months old already!

Time needs to slow down a bit. I have not taken nearly enough videos of our little girl and she is already four months old!  Yesterday, I took Abbey to her 4-month well visit to our pediatrician.  They confirmed that she is a very healthy girl!  She is definitely growing well.  In fact, after the nurse had already weighed Abbey, measured her head and then marked on the piece of paper where her head and feet were (to measure height), she had to re-enter our room to re-measure Abbey's height.  She said, "Maybe she is just really tall, but I want to re-measure just to make sure."  Her first measurement was correct--Abbey is just a tall baby.

For the record, here are Abbey's stats:

Weight:  16 lbs, 4 oz (90th%)
Height:  26 inches (98th%)
Head Circ.: 43 cm. (98th%)

(For comparison, at Luke's 4 month visit he was in the 50th% at 14.1 lbs and 24.25 inches tall).

On a social level, Abbey has such a sweet demeanor.  She likes to just sit back and take everything in.  Our household provides constant entertainment for her.  She really is more interested in watching the shenanigans at our house than playing with her toys. I love her giggle.  It is hilarious and Drew and I have so much fun trying to make her laugh so that we can have a good, belly-aching, laugh.  Her laugh is a low-tone, almost grunty sound.  I need to get a good video of it.  She also is a little chatterbox.   I am pretty sure she knows the entire alphabet, because she enjoys just going through all of the combos of sounds--consonants and vowels.  It is so funny, because she is such a laid-back baby.  But, when she talks, she speaks SO loudly.   I swear, sometimes when she is upset, it sounds like she says, "mama."  I know she doesn't know what that means, but I think it is funny that she says that.  I haven't taken many pictures or videos lately, but here is one recent video clip of our little girl:

On a physical level, our little girl is very strong.  The doctor was amazed at how strong she was.  I did express some concern to her, because Abbey has not been rolling over as much for the past few weeks. Shortly after turning 3 months old, she was rolling over both ways.   Lately, when I put her on her belly, she will play for a long time with her head up, looking around.  And then when she gets tired, she just lays down instead of rolling over.  The doctor wasn't concerned at all though. She said that her muscles are probably just trying to catch up with all of the weight that she has been putting on.

Luke is still so proud of his sister.  When we are out and about, he stays close by the stroller.  If another person attempts to go near Abbey, he is so protective.  He will often scoot between the person and the stroller and tell them "that is his Abbey". Of course, at home it is a little different.  Although he enjoys going to her crib in the morning and saying, "Good morning, Sunshine," when she awakes, he also still tells me "don't feed her mommy," or "please put her down."  He understands that his sister often takes away his "mommy time."  Still, I know that he loves his Abbey so much!

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