Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Luke's First School "Performance"

Today we attended Luke's first school performance at the school he has attended since February.  I have mentioned in past posts that Luke is not a performer.  He LOVES to sing and dance and does so at home for us all of the time.  However, if we get the camera out to capture the precious moments, he stops.  Or, if we ask him to sing for others, he becomes shy and says "no".  So, we honestly expected him to become shy at his performance and possibly even cry or get scared.

Well, we were very pleasantly surprised.  Now, he didn't really "perform", but he didn't cry and he seemed happy enough.  He was very busy at looking at the audience and examining all of the items on stage.  Let me add that they announced before the performances for all of the classes that his class, "the ducks", was the only class to sit in chairs.  Apparently, they really liked the chairs (and I am guessing it was a good way to keep them all in order) :-).  As you can see the class is very heavily weighted in boys vs. girls, so the class is VERY energetic!

Without further ado, here is Luke's first school "performance." 

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