Friday, May 11, 2012

Luke's Singing Montage

I think I mentioned a few blog posts ago that I have extreme difficulty capturing on video Luke singing.  As soon as he sees me recording, he stops singing.  When we are riding in the car, he likes singing--song after song after song.  So, I thought it would be the perfect time to capture him singing.  So, while we were stopped, I started the video and placed it where it would capture him singing.  I don't think he even noticed since I was just paying attention to driving and not even looking at the phone that was capturing the video.  Then, I drove.  I got several songs recorded and just trimmed off the first bit and the last bit.  No worries---this was done in an extremely safe manner and did not take any of my attention off the road.  I wasn't even looking at my phone while it was recording.  Once I stopped the car again, I stopped the video.  I would never want to endanger the lives of my little ones.  Even if I speak on the phone while driving, it is either by using bluetooth or speaker phone.   

Anyway--here is the video. 

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