Monday, June 4, 2012

A Memorable Memorial Day Weekend

Over the long Memorial Day weekend, we had a visit from a lot of our Oklahoma family.  We had so much fun together.

From visiting our favorite park:

Uncle Jason, Brody, Luke and Kaylee

all the cousins hop aboard the fun merry-go-round.


Jason, Emily, Brody and Kaylee

Lilly and Luke

Luke liked holding hands with Linnea.

and Kaylee..he always seems to find a girl's hand to hold.

To visiting our favorite splash park:  (these pics are from my cell phone)

Grandma and I tried to keep Miss Abbey out of the sun.

Waiting for a turn on the stone water slide.

burying uncle Jason in the sand.
We also ate at some fun places.  But, the most fun I think the kids had all weekend was probably during our backyard water fight.  We used water guns and balloons and the kids had a great time trying to get their uncles and dads soaked!

Better watch out guys--Brody's gun is loaded and ready!

Here comes Luke!

Lilly is contemplating where her next balloon will be launched.
Here are a couple of videos from the water balloon games:

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