Friday, June 29, 2012

A quick photo session with Abbey before she grows up right before our eyes!

Abbey is almost 6 months old. That is right.....SIX MONTHS OLD!   On July 3rd she will be at the halfway point to her first birthday.   Ahhhh!  This hit me hard a couple of days ago during Luke's nap time.  I was spending one-on-one time with Abbey and I suddenly felt the urge to take lots of photos of her.  I realized it may be a while before another photo session, with as busy as we have been lately.

So, here are some of the results.  She was in a pretty serious, somber mood during the session.   But, in my mommy-opinion, she looks cute in any photo--smiling or not.   We will try for a six-months old photo session in a couple of weeks.

I love this face..makes me want to give her many smooches.
And later, we had to get a photo of big brother...who absolutely ADORES his little sister.

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