Friday, July 13, 2012

Our Happy, Half-Year Old!

Our precious daughter is six months old!  It seems that as each week passes lately her development increases significantly.  She is now sitting up on her own!  She thinks it is pretty big stuff.  Her big brother does also.  He just told me today, "Mommy, Abbey is getting bigger and can play with me."  He is so in love with his little sis.  It is the sweetest thing to watch him speak to her and help me take care of her.  As we were pulling into the doctor's office today for her six-month well check pediatrician visit, I heard Luke say to Abbey, "Abbey, you are going to the doctor and you are going to get a band-aid.  But, then you get to go to the treasure chest and pick out a lizard like mine.  Then, you can play with me 'cause you are getting bigger."  So precious! 

Abbey loves to be on her belly.  As I said last month, if I put her on her back, she immediately rolls to her belly and begins trying to scoot.  She has been working on scooting for quite some time now.  I think she finally realized that if she can perfect her sitting up solo skills, she will be better at moving around.  Now, she is getting that sitting down, so I imagine she is going to try to work on crawling or scooting soon.  She is definitely wanting to be like her brother--and that means moving fast!

Abbey loves to grab things and move things from hand to hand (and then to mouth, of course).  Her favorite toy right now is a soft, Usborne stroller book about a farm.  She likes looking at it, but she enjoys biting it most!  Her favorite game to play is peek-a-boo--and her favorite person to play that with is her big brother.

She has been eating (and loving) rice cereal for the past few weeks, so the doc gave us the OK to start her on other solids.  We are going to try Luke's first favorite, sweet potatoes, first.  If brother loved it, I am sure little sis will as well. 

Abbey has been holding steady at 19-19.5 lbs for the past few weeks-month, so perhaps her growth is slowing down a bit.  She has gained about 12 lbs since birth.  So, if she continued to gain the same amount as she has gained the past six months, she would be around 31 lbs at age 1.  Luke only weighs 30 lbs at age 2.5.  So, I think she'll be slowing down her weight gain soon--especially when she becomes more mobile.  She is currently in the 91% for weight and >95% for both height (27.75 inches) and head circumference (45.3 cm). 

Here are some photos from the past few days.

SO big!

Checking out the scenery from up here.

Luke wanted to cuddle with her in his chair.

Sister and Brother

Another one of Abbey's favorite things to do is make a hilarious sound with her lips.  She will make this sound for many minutes straight.  It cracks me up every time, because she is so serious about it.  Here is a video clip of her making her favorite sound (you can also hear Luke in the background pretend-playing with his Legos, cars and action figures).

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